Smart Pole

Connecting the smart city

MeshSmart Smart Pole provides innovative complete solution includes connected devices, wireless connectivity, and CityConnect management platform. Smart Pole makes the vision of tomorrow’s smart city possible today by solve 5G/IoT connectivity, solve data integrity, and enables IoT data operations. Municipal governments and service providers can leverage the smart pole to deliver enhanced narrowband and broadband connectivity, IoT services, and smart city applications everywhere.

Building Adaptive Network


Each pole provides multiple wireless connectivity for sensors, controllers that needs limited data bandwidth

  • Wireless full mesh network
  • Programmable Infrastructure
  • Individual Addressability
GigaRay Liberty

Adding gigabit wireless connectivity on each pole that is designed to meet the growing demand for fast, reliable internet access.

  • The technology is able to deliver fiber-like connectivity with a fraction of the cost of fiber.
  • Use mmWave (60Ghz) technology for wireless backhaul and self-backhauling.
  • Network Results
    1. 1.3Gbps data throughput
    2. 200m single link range

Solving Connectivity Problems

Control & Sense
Intelligent Wireless Lighting Controllers

An End to End Solution for Network Connected Smart Lighting Control

  • System is designed for commercial and industrial areas, roadways, and exterior environments.
  • System includes controllers, connected sensors, 3rd party devices, network interfaces, and applications.
  • Designed to have mesh connected controllers being the backbone of low power wireless connectivity to connect other devices.
Industrial IoT Gateway

The Industry’s First Congregated IoT Gateway

  • No Fiber. Supported by wireless backhaul technology
  • Operates like a Neutral Host
  • Connect variety types of  Wired and Wireless Devices
Smart Traffic and Security Cameras

Smart Traffic and Security is equipped with the latest video signal processing and storage technology, AI technology, wireless transmission, and cyber security technology; it provides real-time browsing, recording and smart analytics.

  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Surveillance and counting
  • Directional Route Track and Invasion Alarm
  • Event detection: Illegal Parking, Illegal Occupation, Wrong-way Driving, illegal Lane Change, and more..
Sensors & Other devices

Integrates variety types of sensors and devices for a wide range of smart city applications

Air Quality
EV Charging
Parking Management
Gunshot Detection
WiFi / Small Cell