MeshSmart LiteView is a web based management app that provides the solutions necessary to take control of your energy and maintenance costs. It is accessible on any browser and can be run on locally hosted servers or on cloud. By utilizing the features on this app, clients are able to monitor their light fixtures’ performance, schedule their operation conditions, increase energy savings and much more. With a clean look and self-intuitive UI, it is very easy to make any adjustments to the system.

Scope of Use

LiteView is perfect for users on smaller-scale. For one, the system can be hosted entirely on local gateway, which enables a more secured network and one that would not go offline due to internet connection issues. The precise automated controls significantly reduce labor time, henceforth a cost reduction in management. MeshSmart is a stand alone system, meaning that no additional term or loyalty fees are required past the initial order. LiteView will continued to be updated and made available to all MeshSmart clients. The system is built to provide small scale users an one-step solution that is highly cost-efficient.

  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Real-time status updates
  • Secured as it can be hosted locally
  • Gradual dimming control to adapt to all types of environments
  • Advanced scheduling to ensure light output is optimized based on time of day
  • Motion and daylight sensor can be programmed to be enabled during certain time of a day
  • Individual, group and all lights management at ease of one button
  • The condition of one node can trigger conditions of other nodes to take place
  • All conditions can be applied subsequent to each other
  • Energy monitoring to fully understand which area is more used